Winter is the perfect time to enjoy your favourite candle fragrance. From the delicate crackling sound to the calming glow that slowly beats light into a room, winter comes alive as soon as a candle is lit. But there is always the one disappointment that comes with owning a beautiful candle, the fear of it not lasting as long. But luckily there are several ways to avoid this devastation that all candle fans have experienced. Take a look at our top tips for caring for your favourite winter candle, to make sure you can enjoy it for longer.

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Preventing Tunnelling

The main issue that causes the most devastation is candle tunnelling, when the wick burns straight down the centre of the candle leaving wax at the sides of the jar. This not only ruins the look of your candle but leaves you with a lot of leftover wax. Here are a few tips to help stop your candle from tunnelling and leave you enjoying your winter home fragrance for longer.

  • Use and Illumalid - an illumalid prevents drafts from reaching your candle, helping to steady the flame. This provides a more even burn.
  • Invest in a Shade and Tray - Placing your candle on an even surface helps to steady the pool of wax. Teamed with a shade that also helps keep drafts away from the flame, will help prevent an uneven burn.
  • Trim The Wick - Using a wick trimmer, trim your wick down to 1/8 inch as recommended by Yankee Candle. This prevents a long flame that can cause a smaller pool of wax to form around the base of the wick, which is usually what starts off the tunnelling process.
For more information of how to prevent your candle from tunnelling, see our guide here.

cinnamon Stick Large Jar Crackle enviro 1055974 1055979Fragrance Layering

If you have several winter fragrances that you can’t wait to use, why not try fragrance layering? The practice includes using fragrances from the same fragrance family around the home, so they complement each other and also blend together to create a new scent in common areas. Give it a try and use two fresh wintery fragrances in two opposing rooms, this is also a great way to ensure you don’t get used to a fragrance. For more information about fragrance layering, click here.

Remember, never leave a lit candle unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Votive and Wax Tarts



We certainly can’t forget to mention Votives and Wax Tarts. Perfect for smaller spaces, these smaller varieties still offer an incredible fragrance. To get the most out of your Votive, trim the wick as soon as you wish to light it, this will provide a much more even flame.

For your Wax Tarts, when you decide to change the fragrance, but they still have some scent, chip the cooled wax out of the melt burner, place in an old sock or sandwich bag, seal and place in your drawers. This will gently fragrance your drawers and allow you to enjoy a burst of freshness each time you open them.

What To Do With Leftover Wax

If you still have leftover wax that you still want to make the most of, don’t fear, there’s still so much you can do with it, to find out more check out our ‘what to do when the wick runs out’ blog here.

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Post By Lauren Smith