Yankee Candle Tips – What To Do When The Wick Runs Out

Wednesday, 14th of January 2015

For many of us Yankee Candle fans there is nothing more devastating than when your candle wick disappears and there is still lots of wax left. You feel as though you have been cheated out of hours of fragrance satisfaction with the remains just sitting there,

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Yankee Candle Tips – How To Prevent Tunnelling

Tuesday, 17th of February 2015

It is every Yankee Candle fan's worst nightmare when their beloved fragrance decides to tunnel, leaving behind a whirlpool of wasted wax. This not only looks awful as the candle burns but also reduces the burn time, resulting in disappointment and frustration.

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Yankee Candle Tip – What To Do When You Get Too Used To A Fragrance

Wednesday, 8th of April 2015

For many Yankee Candle fans, getting the most out of their favourite fragrance is pretty much a number one priority. Not only do many of us search high and low for amazing ways to ensure that every single flake of wax is used up, but we even have found new

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Yankee Candle Tip – How to Care for Your Wax Burner

Friday, 26th of June 2015

In the world of Yankee Candle, it seems that flameless fragrance and the use of wax tarts is becoming more popular than ever with many investing in an wax burner or two to help fill their home with their beloved fragrance. But just like Yankee Candle jars,

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Yankee Candle Tip – Fragrance Layering

Wednesday, 29th of July 2015

Fragrance layering is a practice that has been performed for several years in the cosmetic and perfume industry. Typically involving a range of different complimenting fragrances that are then layered on top of one another, the art means that unique scents

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