For many of us Yankee Candle fans there is nothing more devastating than when your candle wick disappears and there is still lots of wax left. You feel as though you have been cheated out of hours of fragrance satisfaction with the remains just sitting there, but not all is lost yet. Here at House of Harris we have found a couple of great Yankee Candle Tips to using up the left over wax. So don't go running to the bin just yet, take a look at our great suggestions for how you can enjoy your favourite fragrance for longer.

How To Get The Wax Out


There are many different methods to get the wax out of a candle jar but the safest way is to melt the wax slowly. Try and melt it too quickly and the jar can break causing injury. Whilst it is still liquid try these great methods to get the most out of your remaining fragrance.

1. Create Another Candle


If you have a smaller jar to hand, then create another candle. Simply attach a wick to the base of the jar and tie the end off around a pencil. Rest the pencil on the top of the jar so that it holds the wick straight and pour in your melted wax. Wait until it has set, and you have created your very own candle.

2. Use A Melt Warmer

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Enjoy your scented wax without burning it, using this Yankee Candle tip. Once your wax has melted pour it into a tray or baking dish – that you are comfortable with getting wax over – and wait until it has set. Once it is hard break up the wax into pieces and place on top of your melt burner. The burner will slowly melt the wax, filling the room with your favourite fragrance, allowing you to enjoy the scent for longer.

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3. Turn It Into Potpourri


Using the method above, break up your hard wax and mix with some potpourri or your own dried flowers. This will help create a subtle fragrance that you can enjoy in any room, no candles required. This method also makes an excellent gift.

4. Make Drawer Fresheners


This Yankee Candle Tip allows you to enjoy a sudden burst of your favourite fragrance every time you open your drawer or wardrobe. Place your broken up wax into an old sock or a cut up pair of tights and top up with dried flowers. Tie off the ends and hang in your wardrobe or store in your draw. This helps to keep clothes smelling fresh.

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Post By Lauren Smith