Fragrance layering is a practice that has been performed for several years in the cosmetic and perfume industry. Typically involving a range of different complimenting fragrances that are then layered on top of one another, the art means that unique scents are created effortlessly. In the world of Yankee Candle this practice is fast becoming incredibly popular, with many fans of fragrance using different candle forms to help fill their home with a blend that can not only be enjoyed everyday, but also represents their personality. Here at House of Harris we simply love fragrance layering, but for those who are new to the practice, follow our great tips to ensure your blend is just right.

Floral Yankee Candle

1. Get Your Fragrance Palette Right

Like colours, there are some fragrances that simply don't mix. It is important during fragrance layering that you get your basic set of fragrances just right and this can be done simply through any Yankee Candle's assigned fragrance family. For example, fragrances from the floral fragrance family will compliment each other effortlessly where mixing a floral fragrance with a food fragrance can be quite tricky.

2. Decide Which Candle Forms To Include


Image shows left to right: Lavender Signature Reed Diffuser, Garden Sweet Pea Electric Refill, Fresh Cut Roses Wax Tart

The best thing about Yankee Candle fragrance layering is that any candle form can be used. Choose a mixture of candles and other flameless fragrances such as room sprays and reed diffusers to use all around your home for a brilliant blend.

3. Plan The Placement Of Your Scents

To get the most out of your fragrance layering in your home, it is recommended to place each fragrance in different areas. Where you place your fragrances is completely up to you, but for a burst of freshness as soon as you walk through the door, place a reed diffuser or other flameless fragrance in your hallway. This also creates a welcoming atmosphere that then allows you to introduce other fragrances in each room, a great method for those who stop recognising their favourite fragrance after a while.

And there you have it, our simple set of tips to ensure your fragrance layering is effective. To see our entire collection of Yankee Candle fragrances and forms click here.

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Post By Lauren Smith