Looking to wind down after a long day at work? Obviously our favourite way is to light the perfect Yankee Candle and sit down with a book or watch a trashy tv show! It is essential that you pick the right fragrance for every mood, we’ve picked our favourites to create a relaxed and chilled atmosphere..

Aloe Water - a cool blend of water and indulgent aloe vera, this scent exudes a fresh and subtle fragrance. Plus the peaceful, calm colour will help to aid you in your wind down.


My Serenity - calm your senses to reach the perfect zen mood, with this fragrance. My serenity features light fruity notes of warm pear, tropical flowers and soft musk that will help you unwind.



Riviera Escape - escape to a warm, sunny, mediterranean paradise with this fragrance. The intoxicating notes of amber marine accord combined with sea grass and floral blooms create the perfect relaxing coastal atmosphere.



Kilimanjaro Stars - imagine yourself laid under the stars breathing in the cool mountain air, what could be more relaxing than that? This fragrance will take you there for a fraction of the price, with notes of cool mint and earth patchouli.



Turquoise Sky - transport yourself to a peaceful ocean setting with the gorgeous turquoise sky. Including the mellow scents of sea grass and musk this scent is sure to help you realign your chakras.



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Post By Laura Nugent