At House of Harris we are thoroughly excited to introduce you to our new collection - ‘Just Go’. This gorgeous collaboration of earthy scents invites you on a journey of discovery through four enticing environments. From a breezy ride through a warming desert expanse, to an awe-inspiring hike to the peak of pine-clad mountains - Our ‘Just Go’ collection will effortlessly breathe the charming bouquet of nature’s embrace throughout your home.

There’s nothing quite so soothing as lighting a few candles and admiring the lambent dance of flickering tongues - Couple that with the pleasant aromas of our refreshing new collection and you’ll know the true measure of relaxation.

Our Latest Fragrances from the Just Go Collection

Yankee Candle have been dominating the scented candles market for several decades, regularly releasing new and exciting aromas. With over 200 scents now, we think it’s safe to say that we’ve been ‘spoilt for choice.’ That being said; Yankee Candle are constantly striving to refine their craft and as a result, these 4 new aromas are of an exceptional quality.

The names and descriptions below capture the essence of each individual candle, wonderfully:

Warm Desert Wind


A scent of open space and distant lands brushed with smoked vanilla and patchouli.

Misty Mountains


Like an endless vista of pine-clad mountains cloaked in cool, silent mist.

Tropical Jungle


A sweet lush mix of tropical fruits, tropical flowers and green jungle leaf.

Coconut Splash


So refreshing and pure, with just a touch of natural, tropical sweetness.


Each of these unique and provocative fragrances are available in the 6 signature products from Yankee Candle:

  • Wax Melt - Great for mixology and trialling various fragrances
  • Large Jar - Up to 150 hours burn time with your favourite scents
  • Medium Jar - Burn your favourite aromas for up to 90 hours
  • Small Jar - Ideal for sampling new fragrances, with up to 40 hours burn time
  • Votive - Perfect for gift giving or spicing up small areas with your favoured flavours
  • Tea Light - Ideal of any occasion and perfect for gifting

Just Go’ Gift Sets & Sharing the Scents of Nature

Scented Candles are always an excellent choice for gift-giving, particularly on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like the intimate gift of a scented candle - something which can be enjoyed with a long, hot bath or whilst tucked up on the sofa under a blanket.

Finding the right fragrance is easy enough if your friend or loved one has a specific preference, though what could be better than offering a selection of gorgeous fragrances to choose from instead?

Yankee Candle ‘Just Go’ 5 Votive Gift Set


This cute Gift Set is ideal if you want to offer the entire ‘Just Go’ experience. Featuring the 4 new fragrances: Warm Desert Wind, Tropical Jungle, Coconut Splash and Misty Mountains. Complete with the popular Turquoise Sky, which fits with the natural theme effortlessly.

Yankee Candle ‘Just Go’ 8 Wax Melt Gift Set


Lead your senses astray and transform your home into an alluring cocktail of decorative aromas. The Yankee Candle ‘Just Go’ 8 Wax Melt Gift set features the 4 newest fragrances: Coconut Splash, Warm Desert Wind, Tropical Jungle and Misty Mountains. Additional to these new and exciting flavours, this gift set boasts Black Coconut, Sunset Breeze, Vanilla Lime and Viva Havana - Again, in keeping with the natural and exotic locations theme, completing the ultimate journey of the senses.

Yankee Candle ‘Just Go’ Medium Jar Gift Set


A beautiful presented cylindrical container, houses the signature Yankee Candle glass jar. This medium sized scented candle has up to 90 hours of burn time and is available in the the 4 latest ‘Just Go’ fragrances.

Yankee Candle ‘Just Go’ Table Set


This gorgeous table set is the perfect gift for anyone with a passion for the exotic, and a flavour for nature. The table set includes 4 Votive Candles and 8 Tea Lights, offering an even selection of the new and enticing aromas - complete with 2 Votive holders and 2 Tea Light holders.

Post By Lauren Smith