Mixology is currently taking the world of Yankee Candle addicts by storm, with many creating fragrances blends as a means to use up their remaining wax or breaking up wax tarts and adding them to their melt burner. Although this may seem like a rather frugal way to get the most out of your fragrances, it is now becoming a science with several self confessed fragrance addicts naming new their new blended inventions.

Here at House of Harris we simply can't get enough of this idea, and in the spirit of everyone's new found love for Mixology, we have created our 5 favourite fragrance blends for you to try at home.

1. Pina Colada

 black coconut Pineapple Cilantro

The delicious cocktail that immediately makes us all reminisce about long hot summers at the beach can now be created at home. Simply blend Black Coconut with Pineapple & Cilantro for a flavourful explosion that will make you want to start booking your next tropical getaway.

2. Cherry Bakewell Tart
 black cherry Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake

A sweet combination of vanilla, almonds and ripe cherries in this fragrance blend help to create everyone's favourite fruity tea time treat. Vanilla Cupcake and Black Cherry is used in this delightful Mixology recipe, but you can also try Sweet Strawberry or Red Raspberry for a tempting treat.

3. Spring Meadow
 A child's wish Aloe Water

The fresh light scent of summer days near a hidden spring is recreated in this simply gorgeous fragrance blend. Combine A Child's Wish with Aloe Water to fill your home with freshness.

4. Sun-dried Cotton
 Clean Cotton Sicilian Lemon

A line full of cotton silently floating in the breeze creates a magical and relaxing fragrance. Blend Sicilian Lemon with Clean Cotton for a burst of freshness that will suit any occasion.

5. Roasty Toasty
 Fireside Treats cinnamon stick

Is there anything better than enjoying roasted marshmallow on an open fire? Well possibly a dash of cinnamon. The buttery and sugary Fireside Treats blended with Cinnamon Stick creates a delicious warming delight that will make any home feel welcoming.

6. Summer Garden
 White Gardenia orange splash

Bright floral notes are teamed with a burst of fresh citrus to create a wonderful summer fragrance that everyone will love. Combine White Gardenia and Orange Splash for a light scent with a zesty kick.

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Post By Lauren Smith