Take a trip to the coastline with Yankee Candle's latest fragrance collection Coastal Living.
Inspired by the sun drenched shoreline, floral cliff edges and crashing waves, this must-have collection for Spring will brighten any home. Offering four incredible fragrances in all six candle forms, including Coastal Living, Sea Air, Garden By The Sea and Driftwood, this subtle collection will create a blissful atmosphere instantly.

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Choose from Yankee Candle four Coastal Living fragrances below and unlock the scent of springtime.

Coastal Living

Image; Coastal Living

A mix of salty and sweet, this delicate fragrance uses notes of coastal flowers carried on a warm sea breeze. Moss and coral musk forms the base, whilst lavender, marine flower and sea salt generate whimsical top notes.

Sea Air

Image; Sea Air

Being by the water's edge is always a refreshing experience, and here Yankee Candle use notes of sea water, salty ocean air, white cyclamen and rose to uplift the spirit. Sandalwood's deep musk then grounds the scent with earthy tones.


Image; Driftwood

Finding those prized pieces of wood, buried in the sand is much like finding buried treasure. This fragrance captures this moment with notes of water lily, sea salt, driftwood, eucalyptus, tonka bean and crisp cedar.

Garden By The Sea

Image; Garden By The Sea

Cliff faces filled with an abundance of oceanside blooms takes the spotlight in this intensely floral scent. Violet leaf, peony petals, muguet, sea thrift, freesia, water lotus, white amber and sensual musks, recreate the sweet intoxicating experience of gazing down at the sea from the cliff's edge.

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Post By Lauren Smith