As soon as the summer sun starts to fade away, many of us Yankee Candle addicts simply can't wait for the new season's collection of fragrances. From a festive selection to those delicious combinations that help to warm the senses, nothing makes your home feel more welcoming in the cooler months than a brilliant new scent. Here at House of Harris we are pleased to introduce Yankee Candle's latest fragrances for autumn 2015, Sweet Treats.


Inspired by warming drinks and rich creamy desserts, Yankee Candle's Sweet Treat collection offers a range of mouthwatering blends that are perfect to snuggle up with. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated spicy scent for a party or a luscious blend of baking goodies, this range recreates the best memories of the season. With three soothing scents to choose from available in all six classic forms, this amazing collection is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.

Fragrances Available

Cranberry Twist

image (49)


Image: Cranberry Twist Small Jar Candle

Enjoy a medley of sharp tangy berries with a hint of citrus and a dash of ginger in this beautifully fruity fragrance. A wonderfully refreshing combination that will uplift the spirit.

Gingerbread Maple

image (16)


Image: Gingerbread Maple Medium Jar Candle

Fill your home with a rich blend of baking spices, cloves and maple and bring back memories of gingerbread cooling in the kitchen on an autumn evening.

Vanilla Bourbon

image (15)


Image: Vanilla Bourbon Large Jar Candle

Sophisticated and traditional, this classic warm-up drink topped with a layer of thick vanilla cream and a dash of strong bourbon is pure heaven.

So this autumn, relax with a new Yankee Candle fragrance that will soothe the senses and get you prepared for the festive season.

For our full Sweet Treats collection available now for pre-order, Click Here.

Post By Lauren Smith