For those suffering with the post Christmas holiday blues, January can seem like a bit of a deary month. Your Christmas Yankee Candles have probably melted away and the house seems, well a bit lifeless. Luckily Yankee Candle see the new year as a chance to fill your home with a positive atmosphere that will get you all excited for what is yet to come. Here at House of Harris we are pleased to offer the new Yankee Candle 2015 collection full of amazing fragrances that will uplift, enliven and indulge the senses. So we wish you all an amazing new year and hope you enjoy Yankee Candle 2015.

Our Scent Guide

With so much to choose from in the Yankee Candle 2015 Collection, we have created a small scent guide so you can start the new year on the right note with a fragrance that appeals to you.


Revive your home with these sweet fresh fragrances that will make it feel like summer all year round.

red raspberry

Pink Grapefruit

A ripe grapefruit scent that is bursting with a citrus zing.

Red Raspberry

A sweet and delicious scent of tangy freshly picked raspberries.


Unwind this new year with these wonderfully relaxing Yankee Candle 2015 fragrances.



Bursting with blackcurrant berries, this candle stimulates the senses.

Shea Butter

shea butter

Indulgent and smooth, Shea Butter offers a hint of fruit blossoms creating an inviting atmosphere.

Aloe Water

aloe water

The combination of clean and refreshing water with soothing aloe makes this fragrance incredibly relaxing.


Inspired by travel, this sensual selection is rich and luxurious featuring prized incense and precious resin.

Oud Oasis

oud oasis

Creating a luxurious calming effect, this rich and enticing fragrance is full of spice.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccan argan oil

Featuring hints of patchouli and sandalwood, this inviting fragrance is unique.



A delicate sweet scent with a peppery kick, this precious candle creates an exciting atmosphere.

For more information about the new Yankee Candle 2015 collection click here and keep returning to our blog page for more Yankee Candle news.

Happy New Year Yankee Candle!

Post By Lauren Smith