The world of Yankee Candle can be a confusing place, and even if you are the brand’s biggest fan, some terms and phrases can leave you feeling a little stumped. From tunnelling to fragrance families, there are so many phrases to remember that the actual definition of some may become lost. Luckily here at House of Harris we are Yankee Candle experts, and have put together some of the most used terms and phrases that you are most likely to come across whilst you browse the shelves looking of the perfect scent. So whether you’ve come across a phrase you’re not quite sure of, or you’re simply looking for a more detailed definition, take a look at our brilliant question and answer section below, and you’ll soon be a whiz at the language of Yankee Candle.

What Does Burn Time Mean?

This is a term that appears on every Yankee Candle and varies between each candle form e.g. tea lights or large jars, due to the amount of wax used. This is usually stated in hours with larger candle’s providing a longer Burn Time. Please see the examples below;

  • Small Jar: 25-40 hours
  • Medium Jar: 65-90 hours
  • Large Jar: 110-150 hours
What Is Candle Tunnelling?

Bahama Brreze Large Jar Lit

Tunnelling is the term that describes the process of a candle not burning correctly, and only melting the wax closest to the wick. This causes the wax around the outside of the candle to remain and the inside to disappear or “tunnel”. This not only looks unattractive, but can also reduce the burn time which results in disappointment. To avoid tunnelling from happening, check out our useful blog post here.

What Is A Candle Fragrance Family?

With around 200 Yankee Candle fragrances to choose from, the best way to categorise them is by Fragrance Family. These are Festive, Floral, Food & Spice, Fresh and Fruit which provide an easier way for Yankee Candle fans to find the perfect scent.

What Is Wick Trimming?

Wick trimming is the general term given to the maintenance of your candle wick. The wick of a candle is the material that provides fuel to the flame and should be kept to ⅛ of inch every 4 hours of burn time. This helps to control the wax or fuel that is available in order to create optimum combustion.

What Does Yankee Candle Fragrance Of The Month (FOM) Mean?

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For every month of the year, Yankee Candle offer a fantastic discount for different fragrances for you to enjoy. Here at House of Harris, you can save up to 30% off each month, providing you with an opportunity to try new scents and save some money at the same time.

What Is Fragrance Layering?

An integral part of the perfume industry, fragrance layering is a practice which has been around for many years. It involves layering complementary fragrances on top of each other to create a unique scent. This can be achieved with different Yankee Candle forms from the same fragrance family to help fill your home with a blend that best represents you. Discover the art of fragrance layering here.

What Are Candle Forms?

A candle form refers to how a Yankee Candle fragrance is presented e.g. tea lights, wax tarts, large jars etc. Each fragrance typically is available in six candle forms for your preference.

What Is The Difference Between A Tea Light Warmer and an Electric Melt Warmer?

There are a few ways to enjoy your favourite Yankee Candle wax tarts and these two warmers both provide an efficient way of releasing scent. The tea light warmer requires a lit tea light underneath to enjoy the fragrance, while the electric melt warmer works by simply plugging it in and placing your wax tart on top to slowly melt.

What Is Fragrance Mixology?

Stonehenge Jar Holder and Melt Warmer

Taking the world of Yankee Candle by storm, mixology involves blending two or more fragrances together to create a unique scent. This is commonly performed in a wax burner where the different fragrances easily blend together. Want to give it a try? Take a look at our top 6 fragrance blends and discover a whole new world of fragrance.

What Are Top, Middle & Base Fragrance Notes?

Fragrance notes are the different layers of primary scents that make up a Yankee Candle fragrance. The top notes are typically the first scent that grabs your attention and then slowly dissipate to reveal the middle and base notes. The middle and base notes are typically the main theme of the fragrance, with the base note lingering for longer on the senses. Each Yankee Candle fragrance is created using these three components for a bold scent.

What Do Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 Mean In Yankee Candle Ranges?

These titles refer to the different Yankee Candle ranges that have been released quarterly over the year. Q applies to the “quarter” and the number after is the order in which the range is released. Each quarter is cleverly created to carefully reflect the different seasons or holidays throughout the year, so your home continues to be welcoming. Examples of ranges that have been released so far this year are;

  • Q1 - My Serenity
  • Q2 - Riviera Escape
  • Q3 - Warm Summer Nights
What Is The Difference Between Vent Clips and Vent Sticks?

1304388 Lifestyle Car in use

While both of these fragrance forms are perfect for car journeys, they are also slightly different in the way they operate. Vent clips are designed with a slider so that you can adjust the strength of the scent that is released. This means you can also see when the fragrance needs replacing. Whereas vent sticks simply attach to your car vent and don’t need to be touched so you can enjoy up to 2 weeks of fragrance.

What Is A Fragrance Palette?

A fragrance palette is a collection of fragrances that allows you to sample an entire range from light and elegant to bold and zesty. This also allows you to make the best decision when deciding which fragrances complement each other well for fragrance layering.

What Are Yankee Candle Trend Collections?

Yankee Candle’s Trend Collections are all about complementing the seasons of the year and are an addition to the quarterly housewarmer fragrance launches. Featuring exciting new additions that are ‘on-trend’, each collection is unique, often displayed in different jars or fragrance forms with matching accessories.

What Is A Classic Yankee Candle Apothecary Jar?

June Fragrance of the Month - EU

A Yankee Candle Apothecary Jar is the the classic Yankee Candle form. This refers to the design of the jar for the Small, Medium and Large varieties. A general favourite amongst Yankee Candle fans, these jars can be displayed in any room in the house. The jar can also be used for many different purposes once all of the wax is gone. Take a look at our blog for some great ideas for what to use the jar for when empty here.

What Is The Difference Between Classic Reed Diffusers and Signature Reed Diffusers?

Offering another way of releasing high quality fragrance into your home, classic reed diffusers and signature reed diffusers work all day by neutralising the aroma in the room. Classic reed diffusers are displayed in an apothecary shaped vase and signature reed diffusers are displayed in a smaller, square shaped glass vase with a complementing theme.

What Is A Candle Shade & Tray?

A sleek and modern shade and tray makes the perfect gift for any Yankee Candle fan. Helping to control the candle flame and protect surfaces from heat damage, the shade and tray combination offers the ultimate accessory for those who enjoy fragrance.

What Is An Illumalid?

image (16)

An Illumalid is a Yankee Candle accessory that is placed on top of your large or medium jar to encourage the candle to burn with a steady flame. These are available in a range of different designs and can also be used to prevent tunnelling.

With this useful list, we hope that you will be able to understand and enjoy your Yankee Candle to the maximum. Are there any more Yankee Candle terms you are unsure of? Let us know by messaging us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google + and we will add the answer to our list.

Post By Lauren Smith