Have A Yankee Candle Christmas

Thursday, 20th of November 2014

There is nothing like the scent of Christmas. Linking themselves to a special memory, every single fragrance that is available around Christmas time has a special significance to everyone, and no brand understands this better than Yankee Candle. So whether

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House of Harris Top 5 Festive Fragrances

Tuesday, 23rd of December 2014

Christmas is now just days away and here at House of Harris we are really getting in the festive spirit and have decided to choose our favourite fragrances to burn on each day of the holiday, from Christmas Eve right up until New Years Day. So whether you

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Happy New Year Yankee Candle!

Monday, 5th of January 2015

For those suffering with the post Christmas holiday blues, January can seem like a bit of a deary month. Your Christmas Yankee Candles have probably melted away and the house seems, well a bit lifeless. Luckily Yankee Candle see the new year as a chance to

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Yankee Candle Tips – What To Do When The Wick Runs Out

Wednesday, 14th of January 2015

For many of us Yankee Candle fans there is nothing more devastating than when your candle wick disappears and there is still lots of wax left. You feel as though you have been cheated out of hours of fragrance satisfaction with the remains just sitting there,

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The 4 Scents That Will Improve Your Well-Being

Monday, 26th of January 2015

Scent is one of the five senses that is typically undervalued when it comes to your well-being. For many, essential fragrances can trigger a certain memory instantly with just a single sniff, linking to the emotional part of our brain and effecting our mood

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