A sensational selection of scents that allow you to bring the intoxicating fragrances of the Mediterranean home, Yankee Candle's new Q2 Riviera Escape is a collection like no other. From the cool clear waters to the fruity, floral notes that linger in the soft breeze, each fragrance is blended to perfection to embody the unique essence of the Riviera. With four fragrances to choose from in all six candle forms, this collection is the perfect way to add a touch of sunshine to your home.


At House of Harris we are pleased to make this new collection available to pre-order from March 2016. Browse our brilliant collection of fragrances available and discover your new scent for summer.

Fragrances Available

Riviera Escape

image (11)

Image: Yankee Candle Classic Large Jar Riviera Escape

The refreshing coastal scent of hillside blossoms, sea grass and amber marine come together to create this beautifully captivating fragrance.

Sea Salt & Sage

image (13)

Image: Yankee Candle Classic Large Jar Sea Salt & Sage

Warm sage is blended with rich sea salt to create a clean scent reminiscent of a relaxing stroll along the shoreline.

Summer Peach

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Image: Yankee Candle Classic Large Jar Summer Peach

Ripe peaches, warmed by the sun's rays are freshly picked, just waiting for that first bite. Offering base notes of musk and vanilla for a tempting scent.

Olive & Thyme

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Image: Yankee Candle Classic Large Jar Olive & Thyme

A classic Mediterranean combination, olive leaf is blended with citrus, musk and fresh thyme for a unique herbal scent.

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Post By Lauren Smith