Here at House of Harris we make it our mission to find new and exciting ranges of scented candles from far and wide. But with many different brands fighting for the market's attention, it can be hard to find one that not only offers an amazing range of fragrances, but also looks incredible displayed in your home. Luckily we have found a brilliant scented candle brand that offers just that and more, scented candles fans, say hello to Woodwick.

Woodwick Salted Caramel


About Woodwick

Founded in 1990 in Lynchburg, Virginia by the Virginia Candle Company, Woodwick's still remains the same today; to produce innovative products of the highest quality available. Leading the way in the use of renewable, natural and organic resources, Woodwick uses organic wicks made of wood and essential oils that offer that incredible scent that is rarely forgotten. Enjoyed in many homes around the world, Woodwick is always on the look out for new designs that will make your home feel more welcoming from a specially designed crackle wick, to a Trilogy of fragrances in one jar that ignites the senses.

Our Range

Woodwick Melts

Here at House of Harris we offer an amazing range of Woodwick products from incredible electric melt burners to elegantly crafted glass jar candles, tealight holders, candle shades and more. All presented with a stunning finish it is clear to see why Woodwick is becoming a popular household name everywhere. Why not give this brilliant brand a try and discover your new favourite scented candle fragrance. For our full range of Woodwick products click here.


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Post By Lauren Smith