Home fragrance is a passion that many share. The process of selecting the perfect blend that captures the intended atmosphere of a room, for most fragrance enthusiasts, is as important as choosing the perfume they wear. But few fragrance brands however hard they may try, ever seem to achieve the right method to keep your home vibrant and welcoming.

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Image: Ashleigh & Burwood Dragon's Eye + Rose Gift Set

Luckily Ashleigh & Burwood have listened to what customers really want in a fragrance collection from the design, right down to the different blends required. And it is with bold fragrance oils and innovative fragrance lamps that we are pleased to introduce, the Ashleigh & Burwood new fragrance collection to our incredible range at House of Harris.

About Ashleigh & Burwood

A specialist home fragrance company formed in London in 1993, Ashleigh & Burwood's aim is to produce contemporary and classic home fragrances to the highest quality. Considering fragrance to be an art form, each scent is perfectly crafted to uplift the spirit and create the desired ambience in any room. From stunning glittering fragrance lamps and oil burners to fragrance oils, this collection is simply luxurious. The perfect addition to any home, this unique collection is sophisticated and inspiring.

Our Products

Here at House of Harris we are pleased to be able to make available this fantastic new collection. Browse our new range and become inspired.

Fragrance Lamps

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Image: Ashleigh & Burwood Silver Red Fragrance Lamp

A truly unique design, each fragrance lamp uses a catalytic combustion technique that filters airborne odours and freshens your home. With an incredibly stylish design, these fragrance lamps look perfect displayed in any home.

Mosaic Oil Burners

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Image: Ashleigh & Burwood Dragon's Tale Mosaic Oil Burner

Fill your home with fragrance using this incredible selection of Ashleigh & Burwood Oil Burners. Easy to use simply place your chosen fragrance oil on the top and lit tea light underneath and enjoy as the scent disperses around the room.

Lamp Fragrance Oils and Burner Oils

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Image: Ashleigh & Burwood Woodland Fragrance Oil 12ml

Designed specifically for use with Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps and Oil Burners, these amazing collection of oils are out of this world. Offering a powerful fragrance that fills the room instantly, these scents have been specially crafted to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Gift Sets

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Image: Ashleigh & Burwood Fruity & Exotic Collection Sampler Fragrance Oil Set

The perfect present or any fragrance fan, Ashleigh & Burwood's gift sets include a specially selected collection of fragrance lamps and oils. Ideal for any occasion.

For our full collection of Ashleigh & Burwood products click here.

Post By Lauren Smith