A team of animals loved the world over, Yoohoo & Friends are soon becoming a house-hold name with over 34 million plush toys sold globally in over 60 countries since its launch. With their beautiful big eyes, bright fur and of course adorable demeanour, there is simply nothing not to love about these whimsical characters, but the message that these animals carry is far more important to the natural world than first meet the eye.


Starting as a Korean TV series in 2007, the amazing brand that is Yoohoo & Friends included 5 very important main characters featuring Yoohoo himself, Pammee, Lemmee, Roodee and Chewoo. All extinct or endangered animals, the characters were created to make children and adults alike aware of devastating environmental effects and the importance of conservation. The wild adventures that Yoohoo and his friends continued to embark upon captured the hearts of many and soon Korean Toy manufacturer Aurora World started to create the large-eyed plush toys that are available today.

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Here at House of Harris we are please to be able to make available a children's toy that not only engages the senses, but also carries a strong message about loving and caring for your environment. With such a huge range available, we adore the idea of children learning about these charming creatures as they collect the entire team. Choose from our microwavable collection for that extra warm cuddly gift.




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