What does Hygge mean?

Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, and derived from the Norwegian word for ‘well-being’ hygge is a trend that has taken the UK by storm in 2016 - even being shortlisted for 2016’s word of the year, coming second to ‘Brexit’.

Although the word comes from the Norwegian language, it is actually a Danish concept, based around enjoying the little things and creating a cosy happy atmosphere. The concept is more a way of life, and you’ll be glad to know, it’s really easy to adopt.

The ‘hygge’ way of living encourages people to have more awareness of good moments, however simple, being said to make homes nicer and happier. This can be through creating the perfect atmosphere in your home, eliminating anything annoying or overwhelming - making a safe haven.

Definitely something we’ve all been craving after a year like 2016!

Our steps to creating a hygge atmosphere:


How do I make my home more ‘hygge’? We hear you cry! Here are a few recommendations we have, to create the perfect ‘hygge’ atmosphere.

  1. Get comfy - if you’re going to feel safe and cosy it’s important that you dress for the occasion, so put on your comfiest jogging bottoms, baggy jumper and slippers. Then find the perfect spot, maybe your favourite armchair by the fire, or even a window seat that you can tuck yourself away in with a thick blanket and book and watch the world go by.
  2. Candles - As self confessed Yankee Candle addicts this is our favourite part, all you have to do is light your favourite candle to add to the atmosphere. Danes consider this to be a really important part of creating a ‘hyggelig’ atmosphere, we even found out that the average Dane will burn up to 6kg of candle wax each year!Our favourites have to be;
Vanilla Bean Hearthwick by Woodwick - £22.99 - It’s crackling flame and muted vanilla scent create the perfect atmosphere.


Yankee Candle Water Garden - £21.99 - So fresh and inviting, we love the Water Garden scent and it makes us feel right at home.



Home Sweet Home - £19.99 - For obvious reasons, Home Sweet Home is designed to create the cosiest ambience for you to enjoy!



Lilac Pastel Hue Melt Warmer - £7.99 - We had to add in a melt warmer, due to the effect it gives and the ability to change fragrances so easily. This pastel melt warmer is great for getting ‘hygge’ in the spring months.


3. Hot Drink - Finally we recommend you snuggle in with a nice warm drink, be it a green tea, hot chocolate, or something mulled to really set the mood.

So tuck yourself up and enjoy living hygge! Have any other tips you’d like to share? Send us a message on social media Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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Post By Laura Nugent