From delightful rose prints to quirky, bright designs, the Cath Kidston brand epitomises nostalgia with a modern twist. Rising from humble beginnings to international acclaim, this brand inspires young and old alike with its cheerful mix of all things British and international.

With collections including everything from dainty teacups to wallpaper, purchasing a little piece of Cath Kidston will bring warmth and fun to any home. And, while the signature, bold designs stand out from the crowd as unmistakably Cath Kidston, the brand is no stranger to innovation and moving with the times.

The history of Cath Kidston

The Cath Kidston stores we know and love came from much quieter beginnings.

In 1993, Cath opened her first store – a little boutique nestled in Notting Hill, London. At the time, Cath focused on selling a variety of vintage cloths and materials, and assorted trinkets from car boot sales. It was in the very same year that the ‘antique rose’ print wallpaper, which is still available today, began its run.

Cath made up a basic catalogue in 1995 to showcase her own designs and prints. She added her own modern twist to everything vintage, beginning with flower patterns before branching into the wide collection we’re all familiar with. Not much later, in 1997, she welcomed her terrier, Stanley, into her family – and he is now the star of many prints!

Cath’s second London shop opened its doors in Chelsea in 1999, and she released her first full design book. By 2004, Cath’s products were so popular she launched seasonal collections before branching out with additional stores in Marylebone and Bath. Cath was already becoming well-known for brave, fun and colourful prints including spots, strawberries and even cowboys!

The business only moved from strength to strength, collaborating with other iconic British brands before introducing the first Cath Kidston store outside of the UK to Tokyo in 2006. Ever forward-thinking, Cath brought new meaning to modern vintage when she collaborated with Nokia to deliver beautiful mobile phone covers with a quirky side.

Finally, in 2007, Stanley the terrier made his print debut, and his designs are still ever-popular. Not long later, in 2008, Cath Kids became an established collection. Again, finding ways to innovate while keeping in line with the brand’s mission, Cath collaborated with Tesco to design shopping bags before launching a range of craft books. Quite deservedly, Cath received a reward for her efforts in 2010 when she was awarded an MBE for service to business.

In 2011, Cath’s overseas presence only continued to grow, with the inaugural café opening in Japan, and further stores opening in Taiwan and Thailand. With Britain – and much of the rest of the world! – in a royal wedding fever at the time, Cath Kidston commemorative tea towel sales skyrocketed. The Cath Kidston ‘Be a Good Sport’ collection arrived in 2012 to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, and the brand itself visited many British summer festivals.

In 2013, when the brand celebrated its 20th birthday, it also celebrated reaching over £1 million in sales, and opened its first Asian flagship store in China. As of 2015, Cath Kidston had over 200 stores worldwide after openings in the Middle East and Asia, and the brand shows no signs of waning popularity any time soon.

The mission

However many stores there are now, and however popular Cath Kidston designs have become, Cath never lost sight of the core brand values and what her products are all about. She brings a sense of nostalgia to every one of her items, weaving modern and sleek details with dainty and vintage designs. At its core, Cath Kidston is a British brand with family-fun values, and the brand has never lost this central theme even as its international appeal widens. Unique, comforting and sweet are the words coming to mind when considering the Cath Kidston brand identity – modern and timeless, rolled into something colourful and fun for all the home and family.

Want a piece of Cath Kidston timelessness for your own? Here’s a sample of the wide range of products we have on offer:


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Post By Robert Horne