The knack of saving is something that all of us could benefit from, some of us more than others! Often, our understanding of money and its value stems from our childhood experiences which tends to stay with us for the rest of our lives. Rather than dismissing it as a tedious task, money saving should be seen as a sensible way of appreciating the value of money. Money pots provide an entertaining way of keeping your coins as well as making fantastic gifts. Whether it’s a holiday, sports car, or new pair of shoes you’re saving for, you’ll find the pot you need in our collection!

Bottle Of DreamsDesigned in the shape of wine bottles, you can save your funds in a delightful container often resembling the concept you’re saving for! For example, Fine Wine Fund and Dad’s Beer Fund.

Image of Girl's Night Out

Little Wishes Bottled Dream
Created in an alternative bottle shape, this range of pots are best suited for the little luxuries you’re saving for.


Little Wishes Pocket Money
Teach younger children the benefits of saving with these colourful gifts to contain their pocket money.

Image of TOY FUND

Money BoxesIn this selection, you’ll find a varied range of alternative brands including the Dad’s Army theme and Winnie the Pooh.

Image of Hundred Acre Wood Winnie the Pooh Money Boxes

Pot Of DreamsOne of our more well known brands in our money pots collection, Pot Of Dreams offer decorative pots that are suitable for everything from a Pet Fund to a Pamper Pot!

Image of Pot of Dreams - Shopping Fund

TerramundiOfficial Terramundi pots are stylish, elegant and are easily recognisable by their unique design. The pots include blank designs, a Disney Fund, a Summer Hols Fund and New Home Fund.

Image of Terramundi Money Pot - Pink, aqua, lime, orange, yellow large spots

Whatever your purpose for saving, our excellent range of money pots will provide the motivation and encouragement you need for saving your coins. Not only do they make fantastic gift ideas, they will also look fabulous displayed anywhere in your home.

Post By Ruby Lovell

Ruby Lovell