Many of you will recognise the distinctive shape of official Terramundi merchandise thanks to their unique design. Alongside their competitors, Pot of Dreams, Terramundi pots are a stylish way of saving your coins for a special purpose. However in contrast, all Terramundi pots are handmade in Italy and hand painted in London. Ranging from wedding funds to Disney to new home funds, you will find a pot for everyone in the Terramundi selection.

Originating in Italy over 2000 years ago, the original pot design is still the same to this day. In fact, British museums still store these ancient designs. It was 16 years ago that Dario Illari and Jacquie Ryle founded Terramundi pots in Kentish Town. Now based in Tottenham Hale, London, the workshop is significantly larger and they have many stockists.

In the Terramundi range you will find standard sized money pots and deluxe money pots which are three times as big. While the original size can hold up to £200 in mixed silver, the deluxe size can hold up to £1000 in mixed silver. In addition, each money pot will provide an individual fortune coin.

The idea of filling the pots with coins is to wait until they are completely full before breaking them open and making a wish. The best way to to do this is by using a chisel or hammer to remove the top through the money slot. The pots can then be used as plant pots or containers for sweets or pens for example.

Each money pot features a unique design with attractive colours and elegant writing. Not only are they a fantastic way of saving your pennies, they are also great decorative items for the home. Not matter what your motivation for saving, they are sure to make the perfect gift for everyone.


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Ruby Lovell