Saving up for a rainy day or an event, is a task that everyone struggles with all over the world. With the introduction of money pots this became easier, but was simply just another way for many to simply store their money and not save. Now with the innovative invention of the unique money pot, Terramundi is a brand that has continued to grow and grow, but started from humble beginnings.

Australia Fund Money Pot

Established in a small flat in a Kentish Town by Dario Illari and Jacquie Ryle over 16 years ago, Terramundi was born out of the Italian tradition of breaking the money pot and making a wish. The money that was saved was then spent on things that brought joy and did good, in turn bringing good fortune to the owner. This traditional custom soon became a way in which people could save up their money without being temped to lift off the top and help themselves throughout the year.

Traditionally used in Italy for over 2000 years, the curved design of the Terramundi money pot has still remained the same today with the brand branching out and offering new and colourful designs. After the pot has been broken, it can also be re-purposed and turned into a flower pot. The perfect gift for any occasion, many pots also feature messages so you can help that special someone save up all of their spare change easily.

Our Products
Here at House Of Harris we are proud to offer such an amazing brand that offers a great product that is simply perfect for all and continues to be one of the most popular money pots available.

Las Vegas Terramundi Money Pot

las vegas
For those who can't wait to visit the grand city of Las Vegas, this money pot is just the thing to get them started. With bright lettering this Terramundi Pot will make that special someone even more excited for a trip of a lifetime.

Disney Fund

image (24)
The trip that all Disney fans want to take, the Disney Fun Terramundi Pot simply flies off the shelves. With different colours available, this makes a great gift for a child.

White With Silver and Gold Hearts

image (16)
Perfect for a wedding or any romantic occasion, this Terramundi Pot looks elegant. Ideal for those who wish to use the unique money pots design as a prized ornament.

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