After saving your coins for an extended period of time, the feeling of smashing your used Terramundi pot and watching your coins disperse will be a therapeutic one. However, as the pots consist of such a beautiful and unique design, you may not want to throw it away. The classic and decorative image of the pots makes them fantastic display pieces for your home and garden and this list will give you some great ideas for what you can do with your broken pots.

There is an art to breaking into a Terramundi pot if you want to reuse it and this is so that the whole pot doesn’t collapse. By simply inserting a hammer or chisel into the money slot, you should be able to gently lift the top of the pot off with a clean break. If this is not the case, smoothing the edges down after it is broken will ensure it is safe for handling.

5. Plant Pot
Due to the solid and sturdy design of Terramundi pots, they can be used as garden decoration. To make them stylish plant pots, you can drill a few holes in the bottom of the pot to allow for water drainage.


4. Candle HolderWhatever your choice of Yankee Candle or scented product, Terramundi pots can be used to contain your favourite fragrances whilst protecting the candle flame.

Image of 5x Mixed Fragrance Wax Tarts

3. Vase
As we’ve already suggested, Terramundi pots can be used to hold flowers instead of money. Elegant and unique, the pots are a great alternative to a traditional glass vase.

Image of L17 - White with Silver & Gold Hearts

2. Loose Change Holder
After your pots have been used to store your savings, they can then be used to contain yet more money. However, this time they will allow for easy access to your loose change without having to wait for the pot to be full.

Image of White with Black Slicks Money Pot

1. Desk Tidy
A fabulous way of livening up your desk, the Terrmaundi pots will make excellent stationery holders for containing all of your convenient writing tools.



Who knew Terrmaundi pots could be so versatile? Not just a wonderful gift for storing your savings, they also have many other uses when their initial purpose is no longer required. You can gain more than you bargained for by making a Terramundi pot your next purchase.

Post By Ruby Lovell

Ruby Lovell