It's that time of year again, and with the children now enjoying their Easter holidays, it's time to start getting creative with some great Easter home decoration ideas. A tradition that is now taking the UK by storm, many homes are really getting the the spirit of the occasion creating their own decorations or even making the day before Good Friday a special craft day, where the whole family get involved in anticipation for the Easter bunny. So this year add a little extra last minute magic to your home to make this Easter time that little extra special.


1. Hang An Easter Bunny Sign

Just like Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny needs to know which house to stop at to deliver his precious chocolate eggs. This Easter create a fun sign that you can hang in the window ready for the Easter Egg hunt. Children also love getting involved in making this brilliant home decoration and displaying it for the whole world to see.

2. Dress The Dinner Table

Easter is a time where the whole family comes together and typically enjoys a large dinner. So this Easter why not take the time to decorate the table to make meal times even more special. These can be as simple as creating a few bunny place cards or as elaborate as a Easter themed table runner. A brilliant Easter home decoration idea that everyone will love.

3. Fill Your Home With Fragrance

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One of the best Easter home decorations that can change the whole mood of an event is a significant fragrance. This Easter invest in a bright uplifting and sugary fragrance that will really help everyone get in the spirit of spring. Fragrances including Yankee Candle's Easter Bunny Cake and Jelly Beans are amongst some of the best fragrances to enjoy during the spring holidays.

4. Make Your Own Easter Tree

Easter trees are becoming more popular as the years progress as not only do they look great, but you can also use them to display little chocolate Easter eggs that people can help themselves to. Using rolled up card or even a few branches from the garden can create a simple and fun design that will take centre stage in any room.

5. Create A Floral Display


Nothing says spring more than a home filled full of seasonal flowers. A great Easter home decoration, display your flowers in small vases or even create a beautiful centre piece featuring daffodils and tulips. A look that will also keep your home smelling beautiful.

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Post By Lauren Smith