Home is where the heart is, and if you have a busy lifestyle or job that requires you to travel this couldn't be more true. Yet in recent times it appears that many of us aren't getting the most out of our peaceful home and often see it as a place that involves long hours of chores at the end of an even longer day. With the new year now here, what better time is there to completely revamp your home and make it a place where you can recharge your batteries. Take a look at these 6 things that you aren't doing to create a peaceful home and see how you can make a change.

1. You Haven't Removed Your T.V. From Your Bedroom

black t.v. remote with red button

You can't go to sleep without the T.V. remote in your hand watching that nail-biting series that has had you hooked since you came home from work. Yet even though we find T.V. extremely exciting, it can cause us to have a disturbed sleep, especially if we fall asleep with it on. Removing the T.V. from your bedroom makes that room a place where you can completely relax and dedicate yourself to having a long peaceful nights sleep.

2. You Never De-Clutter

folded clothes

A tidy house is a tidy mind, and refusing to get rid of that clutter will only make your home feel closed in. Removing all of the things that you don't need any more and either putting them into storage or finding a place for them on the shelf will bring you one step closer to achieving a peaceful home.

3. You Aren't Keeping Plants Indoors

green indoor plant in white vase

And we don't mean those large artificial flowers. Bringing the outdoors in helps towards generating clean air that is full of oxygen. Real plants also give off an positive energy, representing new life and growth, which is perfect for creating a peaceful home.

4. You Aren't Delegating The Housework


When you live in a family home, it can seem like you spend hours cleaning up after everyone else and you eventually fall into a pattern where you end up doing it all yourself. In order to create a peaceful home make sure that everyone works as a team to ensure that it is all done in record time. This will help lift a weight off your mind and help make everyone else feel involved and cherish your home more.

5. You Never Leave Your Phone Alone

iphone icons
In the decade that introduced us to the amazing thing that is the smart phone, we haven't ever been able to put it down. No matter where we are in the house you will find a smart phone stuffed into a pocket or being starred at waiting for the next level of Angry Birds to load. Allow yourself a break from the outside world and put your phone down for at least a couple of hours a day. This will help you feel recharged and more in tune with yourself. You'll be surprised how the silence will help relax you.

6. You Don't Use Home Fragrances


Home fragrances have become incredibly popular in recent years as they help us associate our peaceful home with a scent that we love. No matter what you have been cooking or any other scent distractions that there may be in your home, once you have a relaxing fragrance that you love your home will always be a haven.

So this new year make sure you take the time to make your home more peaceful and a happier place to be and start making those key changes.

Post By Lauren Smith