As the evenings are starting to draw in and Halloween approaches, there is simply no denying that autumn has officially arrived. But with the colder weather and cloudy skies comes a new palette of beautiful fragrances that all Yankee Candle Addicts can't wait to start placing all around their homes. From rich spices to autumn fruits nothing makes a home feel more snug that a special blend of soothing scents and the soft glow from the jar of a new Yankee Candle. But with so much choice this season, the difficulty is knowing where to start. Below we have created our list of brilliant Yankee Candle autumn fragrances that will help you create the perfect welcoming touch that you can't wait to return home to.

Honey Glow

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Image: Yankee Candle Honey Glow Wax Tart

October's fragrance of the month, this sweet fragrance is reminiscent of walks during a bright autumn evening. Offering a blend of golden nectar, sugar cane and honey, this scent is truly irresistible.

Cappuccino Truffle

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Image: Yankee Candle Cappuccino Truffle Votive

What is better to come home to than the rich and tempting fragrance of freshly made coffee with a sprinkling of dark chocolate? This beautiful smooth fragrance is ideal for cooler evenings with a soothing touch.

Fireside Treat

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Image: Yankee Candle Fireside Treats Medium Jar

Enjoy the sweet scent of marshmallows being toasted over a crackling fire with this warming Fireside Treats October Fragrance of the Month. The perfect accompaniment to any cosy night in.

Oud Oasis

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Image: Yankee Candle Oud Oasis Large Jar

A rich and seductive scent, this Yankee Candle autumn fragrance adds a touch of the exotic to any cold day. A beautifully warming indulgence.

Home Sweet Home

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Image: Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Easy MeltCup

Return home to a blend of cinnamon, baking spices and freshly poured tea in this glorious Yankee Candle fragrance. A stunning scent that will uplift the spirit effortlessly on a dull autumn day.

Gingerbread Maple

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Image: Yankee Candle Gingerbread Maple Tealights

Bring back memories of freshly baked gingerbread with this brilliant nostalgic fragrance. Offering warm baking spices, cloves and a touch of maple, this fragrance is sweet and delicious.

Amber Moon

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Image: Yankee Candle Amber Moon Classic Reed Diffuser

Patchouli and sandalwood come together to create this mystical fragrance. Ideal for brightening up autumn days, this fragrance soothes the senses.

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Post By Lauren Smith