Who doesn't love filling their home with festive fragrance during Christmas time? With notes of warming spices, fresh pines and even a light sweetness from kitchen treats, its the perfect way to make your home feel welcoming. But as families start to descend on your home, huge quantities of your favourite candles being placed on every surface, may not be the most ideal situation, especially with children around. Luckily this year, Yankee Candle have supplied an ample selection of indulgent flameless fragrances that are simply perfect enjoyed all around the home, from reed diffusers, plug ins and of course glorious Scenterpiece Melt Cups, you will be spoilt for choice. So this year, make your home a glittering grotto of magic with our top 5 Yankee Candle Flameless Fragrances.

Sparkling Cinnamon

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Image: Sparkling Cinnamon Signature Reed Diffuser


Notes of cinnamon are joined with festive clove in this Sparkling Cinnamon Signature Reed Diffuser. The perfect way to brighten up any room in your home, why not try this fragrance in any bedroom for a flameless treat.

Snowflake Cookie

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Image: Snowflake Cookie Wax Tart

Oh how the smell of freshly baked cookies is just the ticket after a long day out in the cold. This sweet scent of buttery cookies with pink icing will instantly put a smile on anyone’s face. Why not place in your Yankee Candle Electric Melt Burner in the kitchen, to help create the illusion that baked goods are being prepared all day long.

All Is Bright

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Image: Scenterpiece All Is Bright Melt Cup

New to 2016, this joyful fragrance will make you want to get the party started. A glittering scent with fresh notes of grapefruit, orange, blackcurrant and sweet musk, this will uplift the atmosphere. Ideal used in your Scenterpiece Melt Burner during any cocktail party.

Cinnamon Stick

image (5)Image: Cinnamon Stick Plug In Air Freshener Refills. 

The warming spice that seems to make an appearance in every dish around the holidays, this classic scent will create a sense of wonder. Offering the traditional scent of cinnamon, this glistening scent is bright, fun and indulgent. Try using this plug in air freshener in your hallway, to give guests a festive greeting.

Cranberry Pear

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Image: Cranberry Pear Fragrance Sphere

Fancy enjoying the stunning scent of Christmas even in your laundry cupboard or utility room? Try this Cranberry Pear Fragrance Sphere. With scent beads that slowly release fragrance into the air all day long, this flameless fragrance is sure to become a favourite in your home. Once all of the beads and shrunk, simply replace with a new one. Simple.

So this Christmas, discover the enticing scent of worry- free flameless fragrance in your home, with our 5 favourite scents.

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Post By Lauren Smith