Harvest Time Clings NO YC logoThe autumn months boost some of the best flavours and fragrances that tempt and warm the senses. From your favourite indulgent pudding warming in the oven, to the brisk air that brushes against your face during an evening stroll, this month is full of life and new beginnings. Here at House of Harris we are excited to be able to bring Yankee Candle's interpretation of this glorious season with their latest fragrance collection Harvest Time, now available to pre-order.


Featuring deep, rich and sweet fruity flavours joined by woody, fresh accents, this collection is all about creating a cosy environment that you love to be in. Reminiscent scents of gatherings around a crackling fire, and lazy Sunday afternoon strolls amongst the falling leaves are captured effortlessly in these four fragrances. Available in all six candle forms, this collection will make every room in your home feel inviting and peaceful.

Browse this fabulous range below and discover your new fragrance for autumn.

Honey Clementine

Honey Clementine

Image: Yankee Candle Honey Clementine Large Jar

Slices of Clementine are carefully dipped in sugary honey with notes of zesty orange peel in this fruity fragrance. A sweet scent that uplifts the senses and the spirit.

Autumn Night


Image: Yankee Candle Autumn Night Large Jar

Brisk earthy tones are joined by interludes of lavender and woodland notes in this magical, calming scent. Capturing the elegant and mysterious tones of an autumnal stroll through nature, this grounded fragrance will help ease your mind from daily stresses and escape to a quiet evening.

Rhubarb Crumble


Image: Yankee Candle Rhubarb Crumble Large Jar

Nothing replicates the inviting scent of home than your favourite dish warming in the oven. This sugary delight offers the fruity notes of rhubarb carefully caressed by brown sugar and vanilla for a sweet tangy treat. An autumn favourite enjoyed at any time of the day.

Ebony & Oak


Image: Yankee Candle Ebony & Oak Large Jar

Woody oak, pine and ebony create a light elegant fragrance of deep forest notes. Joined by refreshing touches of eucalyptus and patchouli, this scent is the perfect way to refresh your home and create an uplifting atmosphere, ready for the autumn months.

For our full range of Harvest Time products click here. Available to pre-order now.

Post By Lauren Smith