With Halloween coming along and lots of scary decorations to be put up, don’t forget that candles and accessories are a quick way to add some style to your ghostly decorations.  It is easy to create an eerie atmosphere with flickering lights and deep, intoxicating scents to add to the spooky mood and the Yankee Candle Halloween Collection have some great pieces to choose from.


Yankee Candle Glowing Ghost Large Votive Holder

A good choice is this spooky large votive holder in the shape of a ghost. It will create just the right eerie atmosphere for Halloween when lit with a flickering votive candle.


Yankee Candle Halloween Forbidden Apple Votive

This Yankee Candle Halloween Forbidden Apple Votive is the perfect compliment to the large ghost votive holder with its intense scent of midnight freesia, dark patchouli and bergamot - a haunting fragrance to thrill.


Yankee Candle Black Wood Candle Stand Medium

Why not add a touch of style to your Halloween celebrations or in fact for any time of year with this stylish Black Wood Candle stand.  Crafted from wood and with a sheer black finish, this stand is perfect for displaying your favourite medium jar candle.


Yankee Candle Halloween Glitter Votive Holder

Why not add some glamour to your Halloween decoration this year with this eye-catching pumpkin shape votive holder.  With its black and gold glitter design, this votive holder creates the perfect spooky atmosphere.


Yankee Candle Halloween Jar Sleeve

Perfect for fright night, the criss-cross gold and black design of this Yankee Candle Halloween Jar Sleeve will give your candles a spooky feel, as well as bringing a touch of glam to the occasion.


So why not add something extra to the Halloween festivities.  Dress your home with some great pieces from the Yankee Candle Halloween Collection to thrill the senses and create some extra Halloween fun.

Post By Kimberly Roderick