Introducing the stunning Tide Jewellery. These beautifully designed and crafted pieces are made with Paua Shell inlays which feature naturally occurring swirls and patterns in a wide palette of shades from intense greens and blues to dreamy pinks and violets and is unique to the pure coastal waters of New Zealand.

For many, many centuries, the Maori people from New Zealand have used Paua shell as ornamental inlays for decorating their weapons and meeting houses and now these same opalescent blues, fiery and luminous red and purple flashes and sumptuous greens are used to create this exotic and beautiful jewellery range.

Often used by jewellery crafters, the Abalone Paua Shell originates from the shores of New Zealand and is sustainably sourced by either harvesting natural resources for their food value or from farmed sources. Due to the nature of the product, each piece has a slightly different colouring and pattern which adds to its appeal and charm and you can be sure that no piece will be identical. All the jewellery is also hypoallergenic, with a hard wearing finish and is nickel, cadmium and lead compliant.

The range includes bangles, bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, mirrors, trinket boxes, rings and jewellery gift sets for an eye-catching and coordinated look. Guys can also treat themselves to a special set of unique cufflinks or receive a pair as a thoughtful gift.

Each piece is shipped in an elegant box with a white velvet interior and is the perfect way to present a gift to someone special or simply to receive as a treat for yourself.

In conclusion, this stunning range is a must for gifts for all occasions or any outfit, whatever the season. With the myriad of different designs to choose from it will be difficult to find a favourite piece but you’re sure to find something to suit your own taste and style. So why not treat yourself or a loved one to the world of Tide Jewellery and wear something beautiful today.




hummingbird necklace


Tide Jewellery Inlaid Paua Shell Hummingbird and Flower Oval Pendant

This gorgeous and charming abalone paua shell hummingbird and flower oval pendant is a great choice for a thoughtful gift for any occasion or as a special treat just for you. With its background of rich hues and natural swirls of calming greens and subtle pinks - you won’t want to take it off!


blue cufflinks


Tide Jewellery Inlaid Blue Paua Shell Elliptical Rectangle Cufflinks

Why not treat the man in your life to a pair of these absolutely stunning pair of Inlaid Blue Paua Shell Elliptical Rectangle cufflinks. These unusually shaped pieces are certainly an eye-catching accessory and would be perfect to add a touch of sophistication for a wedding, a birthday or other special occasion with their deep, iridescent colours of deep blues and greens - a really stand out set of cufflinks.

tree of life earrings


Tide Jewellery Inlaid Paua Shell Tree Of Life Earrings, Boxed

Stand out from the crowd with a pair of these intricate and perfectly constructed Tree of Life earrings, set against a background of the delicate and multi-coloured paua shell. They make a lovely talisman of good luck as they are deemed to symbolise health and energy.

celtic knot bangle

Tide Jewellery Inlaid Paua Shell Celtic Knot Bangle

Look no further than this beautiful Celtic knot bangle, inlaid with the natural swirls of the New Zealand Abalone paua shell and enjoy a piece of unique jewellery in opalescent blue, violet and green.

pink flower ring


Tide Jewellery Inlaid Pink Paua Shell Flower Ring, Adjustable

How could you resist this perfectly pink paua shell flower ring. Fully adjustable, and inlaid with the unmistakeable opalescent hues of the paua shell background, this sumptuous and powerful ring is a girl’s best friend and is a fun piece to wear out on a girl’s night out or simply as a feel good piece to wear with pride.


Post By Lauren Smith