Much like perfumes, Yankee Candle fans often associate each season with a particular scent. From the light floral fragrances of spring to the deep woody and spiced filled winter months, it seems that we can't get enough of creating a sensual haven as soon as the weather starts to change. Here at House of Harris we love experimenting with new fragrances and making the seasons come alive with subtle hints of fragrance that trigger all of those special memories. With summer just around the corner, we thought that nothing was more suiting to all of this wonderful weather, than our selection of specially chosen summer fragrances. So weather you adore light feminine tones, or notes with a bit more of a kick you are sure to find the perfect summer fragrance within our list.


Noting says summer more that the tantalising combination of oranges, limes, lemon and all manner of delicious fruits. If you love your home to be filled with a fresh, clean and invigorating scent, then any zesty combination is the summer fragrance for you. Perfect for summer parties or just relaxing in the sun with a cocktail or two.

Vanilla Lime

image (15)

Orange Splash


Sicilian Lemon

image (1)

Mango Peach Salsa

image (2)

Fruit Fusion

image (3)


If summer reminds you of long days at the beach enjoying all manner of sweet treats, then this tempting range of summer fragrances may just be what you are looking for. This summer indulge in an array of sugary berries and treats that tempt the senses.

Sweet Strawberry

image (4)

Red Raspberry

image (5)

Strawberry Buttercream

image (6)

Pink Dragon Fruit

image (7)

Pineapple Cilantro

image (8)


The scent of bright fresh flowers and freshly mowed grass are signs of summer that everyone recognises. For those looking for a more calming summer fragrance bursting with colour and a soothing touch, then this array of Yankee Candle floral scents will soon fill your home with a beautiful freshness.

Pink Hibiscus

image (9)

A Child's Wish

image (10)

Champaca Blossom

image (11)

Lovely Kiku

image (12)

Garden Sweet Pea

image (13)


Travelling across sand dunes or taking a trip to a tropical place, summer for many is a time of excitement and discovery. Get whisked away with this combination of spicy fragrances that awaken the senses in anticipation for the glorious summer.

Oud Oasis

image (14)

Ginger Dusk

image (16)

Moroccan Argan Oil

image (17)

Paradise Spice

image (18)

Honey & Spice

image (19)


Evenings snuggled up under a blanket gazing up at the stars is a summer time treat that we all enjoy. This wonderful mystical collection are full of indulgent tones linked together with hints of musk. Ideal for bringing any summer evening to life.

Midnight Jasmine

image (20)

Lake Sunset

image (21)

Black Coconut

image (22)

Midsummer's Night

image (23)

Amber Moon

image (24)

By The Sea

No summer fragrance collection would be complete without the inspired scent of clear blue skies, sand and a calm sea. This range of summer fragrances are sure to make this joyful season come alive.

Turquoise Sky

image (25)

Beach Holiday

image (26)

Wild Sea Grass

image (27)

Pink Sands

image (28)

Beach Flowers

image (29)

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Post By Lauren Smith