Summer is nearly here, and in the Yankee Candle community that can only mean one thing, time for the new range of Q3 fragrances. But what does this quarter have have install for our senses? Here at House of Harris we are so excited for the new launch of Yankee Candle fragrances inspired by the exotic, named “Out of Africa”. So this season escape on a wave of luscious notes including musk, orchid and amber within a range of scents that are out of this world.

All Yankee Candle Out of Africa Fragrances are now available on our website. Please click here to view our full collection.

Fragrances Available

One of the main things that we simply love about the new Out of Africa collection is that there are four beautiful fragrances to choose from, all inspired by the wild and captivating landscapes around the continent.

Egyptian Musk

image (56)


Image: Egyptian Musk Large Jar Candle

Offering hints of vanilla bean, cedarwood and musk, this alluring fragrance is delicate yet tempting enough to awaken the senses.

Kilimanjaro Stars

image (57)


Image: Kilimanjaro Stars Large Jar Candle

The clear mountain air of Kilimanjaro is depicted through a combination of cool mint and patchouli to create this calming fragrance.

Serengeti Sunset

image (58)

Image: Serengeti Sunset Large Jar Candle

Recreate the incredible beauty of the African evening sky with a blend of lotus flower, amber, fruit and citrus.

Madagascan Orchid

image (59)

Image: Madagascan Orchid Large Jar Candle

Enjoy the rare floral notes of African orchid within this irresistible scent.

Each fragrance within this collection is available in all six candle forms. To view our full collection click here.

Post By Lauren Smith