On the whole, buying gifts for children should be one of the easiest age groups to buy for. With the honest and innocent nature of children, you can avoid passing around the useless generic gifts at Christmas that adults feel are necessary to give and receive with polite, but fake gratitude. You can prevent this disappointment by buying something an individual child would really enjoy. As long as it is somewhat amusing, fun and entertaining, it shouldn’t be too hard to put a smile on a child’s face. Here at House Of Harris, we can help you to ensure you buy the right gift for whatever the occasion.

Soft ToysWhen we mention soft toys, we don’t just mean one brand. We stock hundreds of plush toys ranging from Boofle, to microwavable toys, to Hooty, to YooHoo & Friends to Socky Dolls! Here are a couple of the best:

 Image of Boofle Soft Toy Bear - Heatable & Lavender Scented

 Image of Intelex Plush Microwavable Bagpuss

Gift Sets

Perhaps more suited for a teenager or a young adult, our range of gift sets include Boofle chocolate, mugs and hot water bottles. In addition, we stock an adorable journal where you can write your secret thoughts and feelings, making an excellent gift for a teenager!

Image of Lockable Journal Notes And Secrets

FloatsSwimming is a skill and a sport that will remain with a child for the rest of their life. If they are in the process of learning, our fabulous range of buoyancy aids will help to improve their learning technique while also resembling an amusing shark’s fin in the water to keep them entertained!

 Image of Dolphin Blue SwimFin

With so many gifts available, it shouldn’t be such a difficult task to select a gift that’s suitable for the child you’re buying for. Enjoy your search!

Post By Ruby Lovell

Ruby Lovell