June 17th marks a very important day - A time of grateful reflection and celebration, where sons and daughters across the nation let their dear old Dads’ know, that ‘while you might be terrible at telling jokes, we love you all the same’.

Being a family run business, House of Harris understands the importance of celebrating one another and sharing your appreciation. This is why we’re proud to stock a wide range of top-quality products which are perfect for gifting giving! In this post we are going to explore a few different categories in the hopes that we can inspire some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

BBQ Sets

Dad's BBQ Set


‘Man make fire!’ - In the spirit of Summer why not take a look at our brilliant BBQ sets? Each set includes a fork, tongs, spatula and an apron; everything your old man will need to fire up the BBQ and get some grub on the go! A great gift for Father’s Day and with any luck you’ll get a couple of juicy burgers out of it as well.

Dad’s Army

Dad's Army TinBeing the home guard of the household, what better a way to treat your Father than with these novelty Dad’s Army gifts? You’ll be sure to find something that your old man will love!

Yankee Candle Gentleman’s Fragrances


These incredibly stylish Yankee Candle tumblers will make an ideal gift for the discerning gentleman - Or at least you can pretend that you buy into your Dad’s illusion of being a sophisticated ol’ chap.

Bath Bombs

father's day bath set


While few men will care to admit it, we actually really quite enjoy having a nice long soak in the bath from time to time. Why not buy your Dad a lovely set of bath bombs for Father’s Day? It can be your way of saying ‘It’s OK Dad, there’s nothing wrong with loving a good soak in the bath - And don’t worry, we won’t tell your mates down the pub!’

Why not combine this gift idea with our Yankee Candle Barbershop Fragrances? No one in their right mind can say no to a candlelit bath with a nourishing bath bomb!

Money Pots

money pots


Our selection of decorative money pots and jars will make an ideal gift for Father’s day, particularly if they have something that they’re currently looking forward to.

‘Here you go Dad, I’ve bought you a Terramundi money pot so that you can save up for my extra special Christmas present this year.’ - You’re welcome!

Bottle Holders

robot bottle holder


We have a number of quirky bottle holders available! Ideal to gift along with your Father’s favourite tipple. If you’re Dad enjoys a drink every now and again, then you should go ahead and grab him one of these handy gifts.


Jim Beam Chocolates


Does your Dad like chocolate? Yes? And does your dad like booze? Yes? Perfect! Then why not grab him one of our chocolate gift sets? We have everything from Brandy flavoured and Jim Beam Whiskey chocolate truffles, to Bailey’s coffee, caramel & mint chocolates and gourmet peach Bellini Bonbons. Good luck trying to pinch one off him!

We hope that you’ve found this post useful. We understand how difficult it can be when deciding on what to get your dad on Father’s day; but if you roll with one of the ideas listed above, we’re certain that you’ll make his day extra special!

Post By Lauren Smith