Dare we say it, but the summer season is drawing to a close. With the sun slowly disappearing earlier in daylight, the temperature dropping and more frequent outbursts of rain, it is a sign that autumn is on its way. However, while you are storing away your shorts and t-shirts, you can enlighten your home with some fresh Yankee Candle scents for the up and coming season.

Wild Passion Fruit
Who said autumn had to be any less wild than summer? This Wild Passion Fruit fragrance brings the best flavours from the summer with a hint of spice, making it the perfect candle to enjoy in the autumn.

Blissful Autumn
Autumn is a time for relaxation and tranquility and there is no better Yankee Candle to epitomise this than the Blissful Autumn fragrance. The scent combines crisp autumn air and orchard fruit breezes.

Lake Sunset
As the nights begin to draw to a close sooner than summer nights, the delightful scents of dusk and warming sun rays will fill your home with this Lake Sunset Yankee Candle.

White Gardenia

This is an ideal scent for the keen gardener or for those who love the freshness of outdoors. Depicting pretty flowers and outdoor plants, this is sure to bring a splendid warmth to your home during the autumn months.

Midnight Jasmine
A luscious yet mysterious fragrance, this is a delightful candle for those who like to make the most of of their evenings. A highly popular fragrance, Midnight Jasmine brings the comfort of water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli and mandarin blossom.

Lemon Lavender
Releasing a blend of citrus fruits and sharp smelling lavender, this Lemon Lavender fragrance is the perfect relaxing scent.

Honey Glow
Offering a sweet honey scent with sugar cane, this candle will create a beautiful atmosphere in late summer and early autumn.

Even in the unlikelihood that none of these fragrances take your fancy, you can always select a scent from the delightful Indian Summer range that also features candles perfect for autumn: Wild Fig, Ginger Dusk, Honey Glow and Amber Moon. Enjoy your Yankee Candle experimenting!

Post By Ruby Lovell

Ruby Lovell