Scent is one of the five senses that is typically undervalued when it comes to your well-being. For many, essential fragrances can trigger a certain memory instantly with just a single sniff, linking to the emotional part of our brain and effecting our mood instantly.
In the month where we are all seriously reconsidering our lifestyle and focusing on making ourselves healthier and happier, it is time to harness the power of fragrance and discover how it can really improve our well-being. Here at House of Harris we have selected 4 essential fragrances that will truly have a positive impact on your body and mind.

1. Fruit

melon fragrance

Smelling a zesty fruity fragrance not only reminds us of summertime and tropical places but it also helps us to feel more energised. This essential fragrance can make you feel more alert, positive and ready to take on the day. The rich colours of selected candles also help to brighten up any room, really uplifting your spirit on the dullest of days.2. Floral

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Known mainly for helping to encourage sleep, floral scents are seen as the most relaxing fragrance. Garden flower scents that supply mellow notes with deep earthy tones can help calm a troubled mind and soothe the senses. Lavender, Sweet Pea and Honey Blossom are firm favourites when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Fresh

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Indulgent and captivating, fresh scents that trigger memories of crisp sheets and pure water help to ease the mind and offer comfort in uncertain times. Scents of musk, vanilla and aloe vera can help your overall well-being by minimising that feeling of worry and allowing you to take on challenges with a calmer approach.

4. Food and Spice


The smell of a certain food or spice that you loved to bake or eat as a child helps to improve your mood by offering joy and satisfaction. Certain spices such as cinnamon are also believed to help sharpen the mind whilst sweet buttery fragrances are a real treat after a long stressful day.

So this year take some time to select the perfect essential fragrance that will help your overall well-being and trigger those memories for a healthier and happier body and mind.

Post By Lauren Smith