After a long, stressful day, there is nothing better than coming to home to a candlelit bubble bath with a relaxing scent. In fact, an important reason to buy scented candles is for their aromatherapy qualities which can be achieved using candles, sprays, wax tarts or tealights. Aromatherapy is an effective technique for relaxation, lowering blood pressure, mental clarity and relieving stress, which we all need once in a while. In this post, we have listed some of the best scents to help you chill out at home.

Lemon Lavender
Renown for its soothing qualities, lavender is an ideal scent for relieving stress, depression and anxiety. Combined with a citrus fruit, lemon, the scent is uplifting and bright. In fact, some people find lavender useful for headaches, before sleeping or even during childbirth.

Vanilla Satin
Naturally warming and comforting, vanilla is a sweet scent that draws to mind thoughts of favourite foods and memories of home.

Cinnamon Stick
This spicy fragrance is beneficial for anxiety, exhaustion and fatigue. It helps to calm down the mind and improve your concentration.

Midnight Jasmine
A deep and sensual fragrance, jasmine is an ingredient which will effectively lift your mood whilst also helping you to feel sleepy.

True Rose
A romantic and alluring fragrance, True Rose is an ideal scent for women as it is effective for hormonal balance.

Lilac Blossoms
Perfect for neutralising odours, lilac is an ingredient which helps to improve memory and mental clarity. It is a scent which depicts the freshness of outdoors.

Bahama Breeze
Taking your mind away to an exotic location, the Bahama Breeze fragrance is perfect for those who are fans of the beach and the summer season.

Although all of our Yankee Candle scents possess a certain relaxing quality, each provides a different benefit according to your mood. Scents can also be mixed and matched to achieve your desired effect. For positive feelings, quality sleep and harmony in the mind and body, all you have to do is light a Yankee Candle!

Post By Ruby Lovell

Ruby Lovell