As Yankee Candle fans, fragrance plays an important part in our lives from helping us relax and unwind after a long day to ensuring that our home smells inviting for visitors. But have you ever stopped to consider why certain fragrances make us feel a certain way or why we often can't stand fragrances that others may adore? Our sense of smell, much like taste is unique to us, sending signals to our brains and engaging us to react, whether this is disgust, delight or even no reaction at all. By locating fragrances that help us to react in a positive way, we can enhance our well-being and awaken our senses to the world around us.


Why Are We So Sensitive To Fragrance?

Like most things that we come into contact with, our brain stores that experience and our feelings towards it so we can either avoid it in the future as something negative, our look to experience it again with its positive connotations. That is why smell is often associated with nostalgia, such as you may walk past a sweet shop as an adult and be instantly transported back to when you used to buy sweets as a child. This also occurs with fragrances that some people may dislike, yet others love as it unlocks a pleasant memory.

How Does Fragrance Affect Our Mood?

Many studies have reported that fragrance has a distinct effect on our mood, with bad smells often resulting in a more negative outlook and visa-versa. Fragrance also plays an important part in attraction, where we are more likely to be attracted to someone who is wearing a fragrance that holds positive connotations to us than a person who isn't. There are also lots of different fragrances that hold the same universal effect on the brain to help us relax, become more focused and even get more sleep.


How Can We Use Fragrance To Enhance Well-being?

As mentioned before, fragrance is a very personal choice, and it is learning how certain scents make us feel that can help enhance our day to day lives. If you aren't quite sure where to start or how you react to certain fragrances then try focusing on some universal favourites to help send the desired positive signals to your brain. Fragrances such as lavender, camomile and jasmine tend to have relaxing qualities that help ease the mind of stress and worry, whereas bold zesty fragrances including oranges, lemon and mango can help keep you alert. Locating these fragrances and seeing how you feel about them can really have an impact on your outlook for the day and also make those around you feel more positive. You can also try and even make the space around you more welcoming and positive with fragrance, much like the practice of Feng Shui. Warm fragrances and those that hold the smell of baked goods help relax the mind and make a space welcoming. A common practice that many home sellers look to do is bake fresh bread or brew coffee before a potential seller comes to view their home. These common scents make a space feel lived in, and helps people see themselves within the space more.

Fragrances To Try

No matter what you want to achieve or how you want your brain to interact with fragrance there are a huge selection to try that can unlock your memory and enrich your life. Try the following fragrances and discover a new favourite.


image (27)

Image: Yankee Candle Lavender Large Jar Candle

A key fragrance that many use to relax the mind, Lavender's deep floral notes are perfect for when you are feeling slightly stressed or anxious. Try enjoying a touch of Lavender during the evening or late afternoon to help you unwind.

Orange Splash

image (38)

Image: Yankee Candle Orange Splash Large Jar

With an incredible zesty kick, orange splash can help awaken the senses and make you focus.

Midnight Jasmine

image (39)

Image: Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine Large Jar Candle

Known to have soothing properties, Jasmine can help ease your mind into a peaceful nights sleep. Why not try enjoying Midnight Jasmine before bedtime to calm the mind?


image (40)

Image: Yankee Candle Vanilla Large Jar Candle

A sweet scent that is universally seen as pleasant, vanilla can really make a home feel soothing and welcoming. The sweet, creamy notes of this scent also help trigger the same reaction as if you were smelling a fresh dessert making you feel more positive.

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Post By Lauren Smith