We all know that feeling of despair when our favourite Yankee Candle has burnt out. After enjoying the scent for so long, it is a major disappointment when we can no longer smell them around the house. In fact, some of you may be reluctant to even burn them at all because they are only suitable for ‘best’! However, we are here to tell you that you no longer need to endure this moment of sadness. We have compiled a list of fabulous ways you can reuse your empty Yankee Candle jar!

10. Display Flowers
Perhaps easiest when you have large Yankee Candle jars, you can display a delightful small bunch of flowers without having to buy a fancy vase. Simply fill the jar with water.

9. Store Coins
If you’re reluctant to save your money in a money pot due to difficult access, you can put any amount of small change into a jar so you can easily grab your money and go, hassle free.

8. Sewing Kit
If you have lots of spare thread, needles, scissors and other sewing items, these can all be safely contained in a candle jar. Bearing in mind the jar is transparent, you can find the items you need without too much difficulty.

7. Recycle
If the disappointment of having an empty candle jar around the house is simply too much, you can just recycle it with other glass items to help the environment!

6. Milk Or Juice Glasses
You can contain milk, juice or any form of beverage really to make a unique drinking cup or holder. The smaller jars may be an interesting way of serving alcoholic drinks.

5. Cotton Wool Or Cosmetic Items
Sometimes rummaging around in the bathroom cupboard can be a pain when you need to grab items quickly. Having a clear candle jar will be an extremely handy item to hold these products.

4. Stationery Holder
An excellent addition to a desk at home or in the office, your candle jar can be used to hold your stationery.

3. Homemade Preserves
For those who are fans of making their own jam, marmalade, honey or other delicious preserves, your candle jar can be used as a holder for your homemade treats.

2. Herbs & Spices
The smaller candle jars will be ideal for holding your favourite herbs and spices which you frequently use.

1. Sweet JarWhat better way to use your candle jar than as a holder for some tasty confectionery! The sweet fragrance released by the candle will not be so far away after all!

It is not recommended to reuse Yankee Candle jars with other candles due to the fact that glass weakens and it will gain bumps and scratches from regular use. That’s why this list gives you some fantastic practical ideas for things to do with your empty jars. Simply pour out any remaining wax and wash the jar with soapy water. After reading this post, you can now enjoy as many candles as you wish, freely and without guilt!

Post By Ruby Lovell

Ruby Lovell