When it comes to storing your favourite wine, a hidden cupboard doesn’t always suffice as the most accessible way to keep your bottles. For many people, a glass of their favourite tipple is an important part of dining at home and therefore an elegant holder is the best way to reflect this. It is commonly considered that the best way to store wine bottles is at an angle where the wine and air space are in contact with the cork. In our collection of Flame Homeware holders, you will find that many feature this quality and other unique designs to suit your taste.

Lucy & Lee Lovers On A Bench
This eye-catching ornament makes a fabulous decorative piece in your home and features a beautifully crafted romantic couple.

Image of Lucy And Lee Lovers On A Bench Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Lee’s Tractor
Designed in the shape of a tractor, this bottle holder provides a novel and fun way of displaying your bottles.

Image of Lee's Tractor, wine bottle holder

Fire Engine
An unusual design, this quirky ornament features a detailed fire engine.

Image of Fire Engine

Christmas Sleigh
Positioned ready for serving, this bottle holder is perfect for the festive season.

Image of Christmas Sleigh Bottle holder

Double Decker Bus
Contain a selection of your favourite bottles in this quirky double decker bus holder.

Image of Flame Wine Bottle Holder Double Decker Bus (9690)

Making fantastic accessories for the home, these bottle holders can be given as gifts and used for display as a centre piece. They are handmade from recycled metal and are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. From vehicles to character personalities, you can display your wine bottles in style.

Post By Ruby Lovell

Ruby Lovell