It’s time for another brand spotlight and this time we’d like to turn our focus onto Hooty, an adorable selection of microwavable soft toys. Hooty was founded by the Intelex Group who were the creators of the first ever microwavable soft toy (called the Beddy-Bear) in 1997. The Hooty selection is a best seller of the Intelex Group’s soft toys.

A widely admired collection, Hooty toys are attractive, colourful and mostly depict their trademark image of an owl alongside other animals. Recognised for their cute appearance and heatable comfort, their selection appeals to everyone from the young to the old. By simply heating in the microwave for two minutes, each Hooty toy releases a comforting lavender scent.

Image of Pig Hooty Friends


The Hooty collection is separated into two main ranges: the Hooty Plush range and the Hooty Floral range. The Hooty Plush range was created as a response to the increasing demand from customers for a fun yet warm soft toy. These toys are soft and furry and feature a range of colours and designs. The Hooty Floral range consists of fabric based toys with a variety of floral patterns which can also be heated in the microwave.

Image of Cream Hooty Owl - Heatable Comforter Toy - Fur & Pattern - Heat in Microwave

Making the perfect bed-time companion, Hooty’s soft toys are suitable for children aged three years plus. These nocturnal owls are perfect for any time of day on your travels or at home and will make a wonderful gift. Once cuddled into your arms, it’s hard to resist their soothing charm.

Image of Floral Pink Hooty

Post By Ruby Lovell

Ruby Lovell