For many Yankee Candle fans, getting the most out of their favourite fragrance is pretty much a number one priority. Not only do many of us search high and low for amazing ways to ensure that every single flake of wax is used up, but we even have found new and ingenious ways to use our old Yankee Candle jars. But what about getting the most out of your favourite fragrance whilst it is still burning? Here at House of Harris we understand that getting too used to a fragrance is an issue that many of our Yankee Candle customers have to deal with, which means that their favourite fragrance often starts to disappear or simply just smell weaker. It may seem to most that this is simply something that we have to live with, but follow our simple tips and discover how to get the most out of your fragrance and appreciate your favourite scent day after day.


Why Do We Stop Recognising Scent

From the smell of our home to our favourite perfume, we all eventually simply stop recognising familiar scents. When you first smell a particular fragrance, your scent receptors send signals to your brain to decide how you feel about that smell. After a couple of initial sniffs the scent starts to fade and you eventually get used to it. In this way your scent receptors respond in the same way as your hearing does to sound. For example, if your neighbour is doing some DIY next door, you will eventually drown out the noise and simply not notice it. This is because your brain is often preoccupied with another task instead of what is happening around you.

Solving The Issue

There are many different steps that you can take to combat this experience but it must be caught early, over exposure to a scent can mean that it takes longer for you to start smelling it again. Follow these simple steps to help increase your candle's strength.

Step 1 – Sniff Coffee Beans To Clear The Sinuses

A tip that is often used in perfumeries, delicately sniffing coffee beans before and after you light your candle can help your sinuses adjust and help clear the senses. Make sure you invest in strong coffee beans to really help shift that scent.

Step 2 – Alternate Fragrances

We understand that as Yankee Candle Fans we simply love the idea of having a freshly lit Yankee Candle burning away day after day, but this can mean that you enjoy it less. Take a break from your favourite fragrance once in a while and try something new, switching between fragrances will also help your home feel more lively and create a much more vibrant atmosphere.

Step 3 – Be Sure To Let Fresh Air Into Your Home

Nothing helps to gently remove odours from your home better than fresh air, and by opening all of your windows and doors weekly, you will immediately notice the benefits. This tip is inspired by the same felling you get after you come home from a long trip away. As soon as you walk in the door you often smell a musky scent where fresh air has been kept out for so long. Breathing in fresh air will also help clear your sinuses helping you to once again enjoy your beloved fragrance.

Step 4 – Change Where You Place Your Candle

We all love to enjoy our Yankee Candle fragrances typically in our living rooms, but trying it in another area of the house can mean that you start to smell it again. Place your fragrance in another room and see if you can smell it when you re-enter the space later in the day. This also helps to give you a break from your scent.

Step 5 – Do Some Cardio

This may seem a little strange, but studies have shown that by getting your blood pumping during cardio exercises you can help reawaken your nasal passages. So the next time you go for a jog breathe in and out deeply to really help invigorate your senses.For more of our Yankee Candle Tips click here.

Post By Lauren Smith